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The New York International Auto Show is less than a week away at this point, and manufacturers are continuing to tease us with what they will be unveiling. Taking off from our first post, 2016 NYIAS Preview: What to Expect Part 1, here’s some news we’ve uncovered since then.

2017 Toyota 86: Scion recently dropped out of the FR-S/86/BRZ battle as the brand no longer exists. The same 2L four-banger engine gets 205 HP and 156 lb.-ft. of torque for the new model. Sadly, still no turbo. As for the aesthetics, expect a new front fascia, all LED lighting inside and out, and new wheels.


2017 Mazda MX-5: Mazda sent a very vague invitation to journalists for NYIAS, stating that they would like help to “blow the lid off.” It could only mean that the Miata is getting a hardtop. Now, is this a removable hardtop or a power-retractable hardtop? That we aren’t too sure of, but we believe it’s the latter. The Mx-5 had the option of a hardtop in 2007 and everyone loved it compared to the ragtop. Let’s hope Mazda saw that and will be offering some more love this coming week.

2017 Mini Clubman Cooper S ALL4: Well that’s a mouthful. The Mini seems to be getting bigger and stronger, just like all of those people who started their gym routines after New Year’s. This Cooper will be getting the standard four doors (thank god) that you would see on a car instead of its previous three-door design. The All4 standards for the all-wheel-drive powertrain that this Cooper S will have. It will be able to send power to all of the wheels or to just the front depending on the need.


2017 Buick Encore: While the Opel Mokka X is shown here, expect something very very similar for the new and refreshed Encore; the two models share the same platform. The SUV is also very similar to the Chevrolet Trax, which was debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. If those details stay the same, expect a similar 1.4L turbo-four with a six-speed automatic and AWD.


2017 Acura MDX: Acura hasn’t really released any new details on the MDX yet, but according to’s spy shots, it appears that the MDX has a new front fascia that hasn’t been seen in previous Acura models. While Honda hasn’t released any new turbo engines, it seems to be that most Japanese carmakers are going the route of fewer cylinders and a turbo. Expect to see the same 9-speed transmission though. No pricing yet.

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