1. Use the RED key!!! The REEEEEEDDDDD KEY!!!!! Not the black key. "Take your black key and put it in a safe."

2. Shift lights. Use them. "It will let the car eject itself." Is James Bond driving?

3. Need wider rear tires. The Hellcats come with 275's! That's plenty wide enough, I think it's actually the perfect size. Just get better tires or radials if you want to drag.

4. Do not race anything with AWD/automatic transmission/loads of power. WHAT??!!!! Dude, you're arguing that the Hellcat can beat a Tesla P85D. Yet you say that a P85D can beat your Hellcat. I'm going to have to claim this as a troll video now.

5. Don't race anything with automatic spoilers.

6. Do not race electric vehicles. "They have infinite torque at 0 RPM"......

7. Do not race any fighter jets. Why not?

Yes, I'm aware he's either on drugs or trying to be funny. Neither is working for him.