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Johan Kristoffersson (center) took the crown for WRX at COTA. Petter Solberg (left) was the expected winner following his Q1 finish yesterday.
Photo: John Feinberg (The Checkered Flag)

The dust is settling following a last-second change in pole positions for yesterday’s Q1 leader, Petter Solberg. Johan Kristoffersson took the lead and his second consecutive World Rallycross title following today. He keeps his lead of the series with 281 points after crossing the finish line with a 03:31.118 final time, only 600 milliseconds faster than Solberg.


Meanwhile, Scott Speed lived up to his name by crossing the finish line in Americas Rallycross second to teammate Tanner Foust, but took the crown for the ARX championship with an overall score of 112 points, followed by Foust with 107. Foust was able to see the checkered flag first however, with an overall time of 3:34.722.

According to ARX, “Scott Speed and Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross (VARX) become the first team and driver champions in ARX. This is the fourth driver championship in rallycross, in a row, for Speed and the team’s fourth collectively.”

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