If you live in Dubai, chances are you are chowing down on meals that cost more than my Subaru is worth. Chances are you also happen to own so many exotics that you tend to forget where you left them. Or I could be making this all up.....but it's probably correct.

Well this poor Aventador lost its owner in a sea of other Italians, Germans and possibly a Swede here or there. Some passersby wanted to show their love and support for the forlorn Lambo by rearranging the dust on the car's exterior. Of course, it could be just in storage while the owner is away on one of his private islands, or it could be a case where this exotic is now without a family.

Obviously the car isn't cheap, starting at $397,500 before extras or taxes. But add on the two-digit license plate which costs $98,000 roughly, and you have a really expensive paperweight.

Courtesy of TheSuperCarKids.com

Video courtesy of Youtube.com/Patrick3331