So, I was driving along today in my plain jane NA Impreza, and saw a fellow Subie on the road....a nice new STi to be exact. Sure, I love it and it grabbed my attention. But then, right behind it, was a GMC Acadia. Normally, I couldn't care less about that car, but then I noticed the headlights.

A couple of days ago, the folks over at Classic Car Club Manhattan posted a teaser of what new stock they got. They posted this picture:

And when I saw these two cars lined up, I realized that it would be pretty damn difficulty to determine which car was which in that lighting condition. Now, I know what some of you might say: "All new cars with LED headlights look alike." And no, not really. Audi's have a signature look, BMW's do too. Even some new LED-styled vehicles, like the new GM vehicle-lineups don't all look alike. It is easy to tell the brands apart.

But this bewildered me for a bit, and I'd thought it would be a good comparison.